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Dedicated to Providing the Best Behavorial Health Care.

Providing You with Outstanding Behavioral Health Care for over 18 years.


About Absolute Health, Inc.

Absolute Health is a privately owned, fully licensed outpatient behavioral health rehabilitation agency in LaPlace, Louisiana. Servicing Jefferson and the River Parishes. Our staff is comprised of professionals who are committed to preserving the best elements of traditional psychiatric care. Due to rising costs, hospital treatment is being reserved for the most acute cases, thus outpatient rehabilitation services have become an accepted model for clients’ care. The types of clients best served by Absolute Health include those individuals defined as having mental illness by the Department of Behavioral Health.




Our Psychiatrist will provide a psychiatric evaluation and medication management, if necessary. Our trained professional staff will complete an initial assessment on the client, provide information to the client/family; develop a treatment plan geared to the needs of the individual, provide treatment (individual, group or family skill building with behavioral health therapy), conduct reassessments as needed, and maintain HIPPA regulated documentation.


  • We work with both youth and adults

  • Psychiatric evaluation

  • Clinical management coordination

  • Individual Intervention

  • Service Integration

  • And many other services See more >>

Better Care Starts with You!


“The staff here are so friendly. I always enjoy coming to this clinic because they have such a good family type atmosphere.”


Keith, client


“My son has been in this program for only 3 months now and I've already seen such great improvements."


Marie, parent

“My child always had behavior problems in school until we were referred to Absolute Health by his school counselor in 9th grade. With the help of this agency, my son was able to graduate high school and now he's a US Marine. Thank you Absolute Health."


Keisha, proud parent





“Absoulte Health has always been available when I needed them. It was great to know that when I had a problem after hours, the 24 hr. crisis line was there to help. I truly appreciate them for what they've done to save my life!"




"My daughter has been working with her couselor for almost 6 months now. She has made such an amazing difference in our lives that I wish I had found this agency years ago. Dramatic improvements in her behavior both at home and in school.”


Betty, parent

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